Truck knocks down Piraeus steel bridge

Truck knocks down Piraeus steel bridge

Gap-fill exercise

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Read the short article that follows and use the following verbs to complete the gaps. You will need to put the verbs in the correct form. When you finish, compare your answers with the key.

drive- resume - lift - create- demolish - flatten- try - take - order - not make public - ignore- add- injure(x2)

A truck into a pedestrian bridge on a main Athenian road yesterday, the steel structure, two workers and hours of traffic delays.
The drive, whose name not public, the half-completed bridge on Petrou Ralli Avenue in Piraeus at around 5.20 a.m. when he to drive the truck under it. His vehicle was 4.5 meters high, while the bridge had a maximum clearance of 4 metres, public Works Ministry sources said, that the driver warning signs.
Two men on the construction of the bridge and to hospital with minor injuries. A prosecutor the arrest of the driver and the bridge’s chief constructor. The flow of traffic at around 1 p.m., after a crane the demolished bridge off the road.

Kathimerini, English version, 13-14/11/2004