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Developments in screen technology and computer have given us color displays with resolutions up to 2000 lines and a screen area of size. These computer displays give us a of new possibilities and pitfalls in content selection, imagery, typography, and human .
This study describes the implementation of a display application that presents broadsheet-sized electronic newspapers to the reader. The program explores the possibilities that large screens offer, and the implications of using large screens are discussed.
The display application also advantage of the dynamic nature of a computer display. Much of the newspaper metaphor has been , while the computer invites instant updates and user participation.
Current computer architectures do not adequate performance to drive the large monitor, and the electronic newspaper is by dynamic screen updates and navigational to better compete with -based news distribution. Still, the large monitor has proved an excellent for electronic newspapers as well as a general purpose X11 workstation. At 2000 lines we are reaching the of paperlike access to information.