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In the Centre, users have access to the Internet and to on- and offline study materials for language development, academic literacy skills and reading materials for various courses. Consult the catalogues in the Centre with all available materials.  
For instance, users may:

  • work on self-study worksheets for academic English
  • work on self-study worksheets on a variety of literature and linguistics courses
  • use multimedia programmes to enhance their English language proficiency
  • watch multimedia programmes on translation
  • watch DVDs with academic lectures (choose from the collection of over 200 lectrures)  
  • work online on language activities and worksheets in the webpage of the Centre
  • explore the carefully selected list of websites available in the webpage of the Centre.

Computers should ideally be used: 

  • to prepare research papers and assignments for the various courses
  • to search for bibliographical references through the Internet
  • to access on-line services of the University of Athens (e.g. e-class, e-library, etc.).
  • to attend Web tutorials and other ICT seminars offered by the Centre throughout the academic year.