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Rules and regulations

1. USE

1.1 Right of Use

  • The facilities of the Centre may be used only by students, staff and visitors attached to the Faculty of English Language and Literature. Students and staff of other departments may use it only after special permission (by the Centre staff).
  • The equipment of the Centre may not be used for commercial purposes or for work that involves economic profit.
  • Equipment and materials belonging to the Centre may be used in the premises only.
  • If there is any problem when using the equipment or materials, the Centre staff should be informed.
  • People should have respect for the materials, equipment and the facility in general. They should also respect other people working in the Centre. In case of misconduct, users may be asked to leave or even lose all Centre privileges.
  • Using the Centre entails accepting and following the present rules and regulations without exception.

1.2 Borrowing educational materials

  • The Centre staff is responsible for lending materials including CD-ROMs, DVDs, videofilms) and printed materials such as manuals, magazines, articles, worksheets, etc.
  • To borrow materials the user must present identification which will be returned when material is returned.
  • If materials are returned in a bad condition, the user may be penalized.

1.3 Use of audiovisual equipment

  • The Centre provides the use of earphones, satellite television and radio-cassette players.
  • For the use of audio-cassettes, DVDs and acoustic online websites please get a pair of earphones from the Centre staff.

1.3 Use of computers

  • Computers may be used only when the Centre is open and the staff is available, for two hours at a time. Permission for extra time may be requested from the Centre staff.
  • Booking of computers in advance is recommended though not required. Daily booking cannot exceed two hours.
  • Saving data or personal files in the Centre’s computers is not allowed. Users are advised to save important data on his/her own diskette, CD-ROM or flash unit.
  • Print out facilities are not provided.
  • Users must shut down computers after they have completed their work.
  • When users are through using the computer, they should make sure they leave the desk and seat clean and remember to take with them personal objects, papers, etc.
  • Moving equipment in the Centre is not allowed.
  • Should any damage or malfunction appear, it should immediately be reported to the Centre staff.

1.4 Installation of software on computers and operation changes 

It is prohibited:

  • to install software (such as games, supplementary programs, various applications etc.)
  • to delete or change software installations and files
  • to change screen colour, background of desktop or make any other changes in the original set up of the computers
  • to copy software.


2.1 In the Centre, it is prohibited:

  • to smoke, drink and eat
  • use cell phones.

2.2 Be courteous and:

  • use earphones when listening to audio/acoustic materials
  • do not talk or make noise that may disturb others who are working.  

2.3 Helping other users

  • Try to help other users who are less experienced but when there is a problem call the Centre staff.

2.4 Availability

  • The Centre may close fully or partly on specific dates, for a specific period, or without notice in case of an urgent situation (hardware maintenance, upgrading).