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Dictionaries, Thesauruses

Dictionaries and Thesauruses

Cambridge Dictionaries
Drop-down menu to select one out of six dictionaries available. Enter a key word and see definition and example.

A collaborative project to produce a free, multilingual dictionary with definitions, etymologies, pronunciations, sample quotations, synonyms, antonyms and translations. Wiktionary is the lexical companion to the open-content encyclopedia Wikipedia.

English Synonym Dictionary
A Semantic Atlas which provides geometric representation of the meaning of a word. The ‘Standard Search’ offers synonymy links. The ‘Enriched Search’ includes more semantic relations.

Type in a word and the synonym finder will come up with a list of synonyms. You can also find antonyms and definitions, the latter including examples.

Roget’s International Thesaurus of English words and Phrases
This site provides exhaustive information on entries plus quotations. There is alphabetical index and a synopsis of categories. Not very effective if you are looking up phrases.

The Merriam-Webster dictionary and thesaurus
A free online dictionary and a thesaurus with audio pronunciations, functions and etymology. Links to four more dictionaries, Britannica and Visual Thesaurus. It includes crosswords and word games.

One Look Dictionary
Enter a word or phrase and this site will give you a list of web pages where you can find more about it.

Visual Thesaurus
Enter a key word and see a spider graph of synonyms, with a cross-reference to each one of them. Pronunciation available.

Roget’s II: The New Thesaurus
Containing 35,000 synonyms and over 250,000 cross-references, this thesaurus features an alphabetical index and a hyperlinked category index. Word definitions and cross-references to related words.

The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language
Definitions, audio word pronunciations, full-page colour illustrations, language notes and word-root appendixes. Links to Columbia Encyclopaedia and Roget’s Thesauruses.

The DICT Development Group: Online Dictionary Database Query
A www interface to several freely available on-line dictionaries. Enter your query and get definitions and synonyms from different sources.

Newbury House Dictionary of American English
A simple, easy-to-use dictionary with definitions, sample sentences and idioms. It includes activities such as crosswords and quizzes.

The Wordsmyth Educational Dictionary-Thesaurus (WEDT)
Definitions, synonyms, similar words and related words all cross-referenced.

Greek-English-Greek dictionary
It translates words from Greek to English and from English to Greek. You may also perform your query in Ancient Greek by selecting the appropriate checkbox.

Specialised dictionaries and glossaries
It includes a list of topics alphabetically arranged. Each topic takes you to a list of relevant dictionaries.

Free Online Dictionary and Thesaurus
Click on ‘Dictionary/Thesaurus’ and then type the word you want to look up. You will be given an entry from a dictionary and another from a thesaurus. Also, links to specialized dictionaries, Wikipedia and Columbia.

Enter a search term and get a definition as well as synonyms and related words. Links to specialized dictionaries even to a Dream dictionary.

Online Dictionary net
Select English dictionaries and then choose the dictionary you want.

RhymeZone dictionary and thesaurus
Similar to a thesaurus, it lets you search for rhymes of any term you supply, but also for other related words. It also comprises a spelling checker and an integrated full-text engine for Shakespeare’s words, phrases and most popular lines.

Either enter a word or browse alphabetically. It gives definitions, thesaurus entries, spelling, pronunciation, and etymology results for your word.

Enter a word and get a dictionary and a thesaurus entry.

Free online dictionary of computing.


A free online and open content multilingual encyclopedia written collaboratively by contributors around the world.