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Lexis & Grammar


About.com: English as 2nd Language 
Really good site for grammar revision with many online exercises. 

Guide to grammar and writing
Comprehensive explanations on grammar, writing and English usage including stylistic issues,punctuation, spelling and vocabulary. Over 160 computer graded interactive fun quizzes.

Self-study grammar quizzes
It provides practice in different grammar areas and a selection according to level of difficulty. A lot of exercises from ESL teachers.

From the website of the Writing Centre of the University of Ottawa. Here you will find a lot of writing handouts, grammar explanations and interactive exercises (in the ‘Reviews’ section).

The Blue book on grammar and punctuation
It contains useful grammar and punctuation information and interactive quizzes. There is also a section on confusing words and homonyms.

The writer’s complex
Go to ‘Grammar workout’ for useful explanations and exercises. The section on ‘Essay writing’ also provides useful information for essay structure. 

Online English grammar
Free online interactive grammar exercises with an EFL (English as a Foreign Language) emphasis. 

Self-study materials on strategies and techniques involved in taking grammar and vocabulary tests. 

It includes free grammar lessons and tests. For users who would like a basic review of grammar. 

This is a short page which gives a first idea of what parallelism is and how it can be achieved.

Tutorial on parallelism
From the St Cloud University webpage, short tutorial on parallelism.

Vocabulary: Study and Practice

Vocabulary: Study and Practice


Spelling: theory and practice
Web page for some interesting theory about the connection of the spelling system with grammar, meaning etc. There are sections on pronunciation, spelling and common difficulties. Exercises and a test are also available.


University of Ottawa Writing Centre
The HyperGrammar from the University of Ottawa includes a detailed section on punctuation: comma, semicolon, end punctuation, quotation marks, apostrophe, dash.

Punctuation Marks
Select the punctuation mark you want to learn more about from the ‘punctuation tree’ and go through the rules of its usage.

Comma rules
This website from Literacy Education Online offers an overview of comma rules.

Frequent punctuation errors
This website from Literacy Education Online gives advice on how to avoid frequent punctuation errorssuch as comma splices, fused sentences and run-ons. 

Apostrophe rules
Overview of apostrophe usage.

Quizzes on punctuation
Provide a comma where appropriate and then check your answers.

Fill-in-the-Blanks punctuation activity
Fill in the blanks with correct punctuation and check your answers. Make sure you read the instructions first.

Quiz on Punctuation
Select the correctly punctuated sentence. Use the hints for help and check your answers in the end.