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Listening & Pronunciation Practice

English Pronunciation/Listening
In this site you can watch videos about how to correctly pronounce ‘troublesome sounds’. You will need to run Quicktime, Shockwave and Acrobat Reader, which you can download from this page. Very good for practice.  

Vowels and consonants 
A very good webpage by Peter Ladefoged. Select the area you wish to work from the main menu. There are sections pitch and loudness, vowel contrasts, the sounds of vowels, the sounds of consonants, acoustic components of speech, how to listen to speech, making English vowels, etc. Start with the first link to listen to consonant and vowel sounds according to IPA chart. You will need to install Flash Player.

English pronunciation test
Read a poem to test yourself. As promised on the site, once you have learned to correctly pronounce every word in this poem, you will be speaking English better than 90% of the native English speakers in the world.

The English Listening Lounge
A site with audio material for self-study. Click on a listening menu of your choice and select a listening passage from 10 different listening passages in each menu. You need to download Real Audio to gain access to the listening material.

Authentic listening
EnglishClub.com includes a good listening section. Click on ‘Listening’, download the required file and listen to the latest news in English.

Self-study materials on pronunciation with printable pronunciation worksheets.

The Tower of English
This is a resource site for online activities, including listening and pronunciation exercises. Click on any of the categories on the left and you will be directed to the site relevant to your interests.

English web guide
A rich directory of resources for listening and pronunciation. 

"Listen and read along" 
"Listen and read along" is a collection of audio recordings for ESL/EFL learners adapted from materials produced by the Voice of America. Some of these materials are in Flash, some in MP3 files played by a Flash player and some are hosted on YouTube.com.

Listen and repeat
Listen and repeat to learn verb conjugation and pronunciation through some recent and previous podcasts.