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Test Your English

English lesson, grammar and vocabulary online tests for various proficiency levels and short exercises for self-study (e. g. the hangman and quizzes).

Online English. Churchill House School of English Language
The site of the Churchill House School of English Language provides free online English lessons and assessment tests of various levels of difficulty. Grammar tips and quizzes are available.

This site provides a large collection of tools and resources for students, teachers, learners and academics. It includes a self-study section with on-line English tests. You will need to enter a valid user name and password and you will have access to a variety of subjects including academic writing.

This site includes advanced testing material with available scores. Click on ‘Tests’, then ‘Level 7’ for advanced practice and try sentence transformation or gap-filling  exercises similar to the ones of the CPE .

Click on a numbered test and try some of the multiple-choice exercises for good language practice.

Bell English Online
This site has online assessment tests available after registration.  There are five different tests randomly selected by the software to prevent students learning the tests. The tests take fifteen minutes to complete.

A good site with free tests and quizzes to revise your grammar and vocabulary. Select a level and the software will give you a ‘personal’ test with answers. 

Quizzes on a great selection of grammatical issues and different stages of difficulty. Get the right answer with a click on the appropriate box. Exercises on various levels of difficulty are available.

Quizzes and grammar tests from upper-intermediate to advanced levels. A lot of reading and writing activities for self-study. Click on a number of choices on your left and you will have access to the material you required.

On line English language tests
A useful resource of more online test sites for students who wish to conduct their own research.

Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT)
The official site of the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) which provides information about the test. It provides study suggestions, test-taking strategies and test preparation materials.