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Dictionary versus thesaurus

Both dictionaries and Thesauruses are very useful for students of the English Language and Literature. Yet, there are quite a few reasons why students should have a thesaurus as well as a dictionary.

For instance, in a dictionary, you will find funny between funnel and fur. In a thesaurus, you will find funny withentertainingamusingdivertingcomichumorous, jocular, and hilarious.


Which are the most suitable reference books for students of English?

A Biographical dictionary 
(not really necessary unless it’s your hobby to learn about famous people’s lives)

A thesaurus ***** 
(absolutely necessary)

A Picture Dictionary  * 
(useful for your students when you start a teaching career, you could use online picture dictionaries to make your own flashcards)

A monolingual dictionary *****

A specialised dictionary *  
(it depends on your interests)

A bilingual dictionary  ** 
(knowing the Greek translation of a word does not necessarily mean that you can use the word correctly)

An unabridged dictionary *****
(keep abridged dictionaries for your young students)

A Dictionary of English Idioms **** 
(It could help you get to grips with idiomatic language. Make sure the dictionary you buy is updated)